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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Zut alors, homme de batte!
Vibri marches onwards!
I didn't have the rest; I bathed instead.

I did have a pleasant meal this evening, though, after I invited a friend over. We watched Adaptation. We both enjoyed it, though I think he's perturbed by what he viewed. Still, he got the DVD for Being John Malkovich as a result of being confused by it when watching it with me.

I have a picture of the Specter shirt Mk II. This isn't being LJ-cut. You all get to suffer the pre-shave beardiness too.

Other things of note? Tomorrow will be busy. Well, today. Damned sleep pattern making a mockery of my mentions of time. Hmm, I need to get around to a post for sonicstuff and pester a few people.

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Go shave you lazy fuck.

pre-shave beardiness

Go fish.

You're different than how I remembered you on AFSH.


Is Coyote still around...?

I've not spoken to him in next to forever. I was going to pester him about a livejournal many moons ago, because he seemed like a nice guy you'd want to keep in touch with.

Ah well.

Still. So damned cute.

...pester a few people.

I'll expect you tomorroz, then. :p

OH. _that_ Specter.


You rule.

I want a shirt like that. Or one with a moogle.

What other Specter could you have been considering, pray tell?

And I don't rule. Though I do look good in black, it seems.

The name had just slipped my mind. To be honest, I no longer even associated that LJ icon with Specter... I don't think.

Well, I have a friend who has a Hermione LJ icon, and whenever I see it I tend to think it's a picture of her, so you can see I'm really not one for reliable associations.

::steals your t-shirt in a SURPRISE ATTACK:: ^______^ heeeeee!

Damn, I need to make that thing standard wear for my Monkey Legions of DOOM!(tm) XD

Oh my dear god, no shirt can ever outdo the 1337n355 of the Specter shirt. o_O

Well, now I have two Specter shirts.

It's quite disturbing. I probably have as many Specter shirts as anyone in the world.

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