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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The pikeys are out in force.
One of them politely offered to shove a DVD up me arse, which sounds quite curious.
The problem being this person was:

a) Trying to sign up as someone from a different address last week.
b) Was using an account that was closed, though someone else let them rent yesterday, which gets me sad.

So I know why they're angry, it looks like I have a vendetta against them. Which is now partly true because they're trying to use someone else's card.

Ach, I don't like those situations. They give me some adrelinalin which gets wasted afterwards in the empty shop, heh.

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Just kill the fucking pikeys.

I'm afraid that's not what a civil member of staff would do.

Still, maybe when I'm not working here.

Nice Porrasturvat icon there. :)

I feel the need to quote Snatch:
Gorgeous George: "I fuckin' 'ate pikeys!"

That's where I was coming from. :D

I can show you the whole video of this occasion, it was beautiful.

Now that I'd like to see! :)

Oi. It said 'gypos' before. Wink wink.

They were both.

Or something.

so a pikey is a gyppo?
Humm.. oO;

In Norwich they call people that are alternative pikeys. Oh the uneducated inbreds I have to deal with!
[Better than stinking Enfieldians tho]

[Better than stinking Enfieldians tho]


I'm one too [of sorts] remember?!

Sorry I accidentally used Andy's account.

Yeah, but you've moved away, so it's not as bad for you :)

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