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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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What the deuce?
I've had more livejournal comments than spam over the last few days! Shocking but pleasing stuff, that.

Work was entertaining but I still feel bleh after it. After the idiot from earlier, a few other things occured.

a) I got a sticker attached on me. Apparently I'm coming out on Friday! You lucky guys, you.
b) Asti, remember that HIP HOP HONEYS "film" we had in stock? Someone bought a copy of it today! And it was Daniel Archer from our old school! :D I had to say "Have fun!" as he was leaving. Poor guy didn't know whether to laugh or blush.
c) I really couldn't be bothered when I got to about 9 PM. I dunno, I felt ridiculously bored and tired with work. I got Shabbir to work Thursday night, I need a rest.
d) I have begun to use lettered lists recently. I'm not sure if this is a good thing.

Tonight was the eventual demise of Olaf and Kanbei, a 39 day campaign finally ended up going perfectly when I trapped Kanbei's forces with air units he couldn't hit, and Andvari used Colin's power of money with 400k in the bank. End result: 300%+ damage on everything in sight. Still, this makes me sad as things have ended. That game was fun. I'd like to do something like that again soon.

Alan Davies' picture keeps staring at me. I'm scared somewhat.

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In other news, I got 111 pieces of spam today. ;)

Also, I think you should change the icon so that it's you, animated.

That would require me to grin a lot and to find a white background. Both difficult challenges.

People buying porn from you is always fun. Moreso if you used to go to school with them... :)

Yeah. Apparently one other member of staff nearly sold some porn to his old music teacher.

A brotha got to dig dem Hip Hop Honeyz! Dey'z got da fine bootay dat y'alls jus' wantz to tap, yo!


*Laughs* Oh you're jokin'!! My god, I knew someone'd rent that out eventually. ;)

O_O I thought it was a rental copy we put out!? You mean to say we had a copy of it to buy too? Oh that's just disgraceful. ;D


We have TWO copies of it to buy.

Hah! Oh god, isn't it wonderful? ;D

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