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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Shades of Blue
Barcode Simplicity
I think I've begun to discover a disliking to food. Something's been cooked but I just can't touch it, it doesn't seem remotely appetising to me. I'd better get out of this rut sharp.

Well, today was planned to be a day of rest. I had an interview to go to at half past twelve, and I'd arranged to take the day off so I could rest, because I felt like I was beginning to reach an unpleasant emotion and could vent it out.

The interview lasted a short time, but went well. So I'm thinking I might get home and do some serious lazing, I had the chance to. Ah, but that's when all hell broke loose. To blather on about what went on would be dull, so I'll lie and say some clowns held me hostage until they got a helicopter and enough water to fill up their squirty flowers.

I've come home to enjoy Amplitude, and I aim to enjoy it a great deal before other things get in the way. I've got work in the morning so I'll probably bring this in and play it inbetween the quiet spells. It's apparently set to be very busy this weekend, though, so we shall see.

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For the past three days (but yesterday was the worst, by far, and it's still bad today) I have NOT felt the desire to eat ANYTHING. This is highly unusual, but even my favorite foods seem vastly unappealing.

I'm totally against self-starvation and eating disorders, so this isn't something I'm doing on purpose to lose weight or "gain control of my life". It's just freaky. Suddenly I went from eating normally/overeating to forcing myself to eat an apple so that I'd get something in my stomach. My mom's making me some fish and spinach now, which I love dearly. Is my mouth even watering? Not a drop. And I've only had juice and a breakfast bar and a coffee (which I didn't even FINISH, which has NEVER HAPPENED in my life) today. I should be famished. o_o;;;; Strange.

That is really eerie, weary dearie.

Yes, that sentence kinda lost any sense to it, but it sounded nice.

Still, I'm sure I'll pick up again soon.

Was this the interview for the gaming thing? Glad it went well. :D

Busy at the weekend?! *wails* Oh noooo....-_- Is this cos of Soul Calibur 2, or have we got another mountain of new releases?

Soul Calibur 2, Freedom Fighters, Mace Griffin, a few others as well which escape me right now.

Basically, a lot has been ordered in and there may be more stuff delivered on Saturday depending on how things sell tomorrow.

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