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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Bonne nuit!
Nuit. Wonderfully silly French word. It's pronounced nwee. Go on, say it, you'll feel happier.

Over the last few days I've just hit a state of "Sod it". None of things I planned to do have been. Tomorrow I'll have to go see Nan before work, Friday I'll have to get passport photos taken after I go into work, and get the monthly Travelcard then. Not that I feel bad for it. I've enjoyed the time of resting. It's odd, but I've hit a nice level of calm for now, and things have fallen into place, really.

The relationship with Jess was getting a little odd recently so we decided to split, and just go back to being close friends. To be honest I think we were both relieved to sort this out and just go back to a close friendship, and neither of us have regrets; it just felt the right time to end it.

Work... this evening looks set to be dead. This is not a good thing as it invokes people to consider robbing the shop. But I've been sitting here without a customer in for twenty minutes or so, easily. It's also got cold in the shop, now; just a word of warning for you, Asti. :)

One thing that does look nice are the new models of PS2. The silver PS2 does look rather impressive, in a "wow I'm shiny" sort of way. Given it seems to be shown off in the stand for all its promotional pictures I wonder if this silver scratches off.

I'm babbling. What I really fancy are a nice bag of chips, I'll enjoy them post-work.

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Yeah, and I hear it's meant to be even colder at the weekend! (though I wouldn't consider what we have right now as 'cold';) Oh well, we can always turn the heater on, eh? Or do a coupla laps round the shop to warm-up. ;D

You're up late :)

It's just a bit nippy down the end of the shop, like how it gets a bit warmer down the end of the shop when it's warm outside.

But we'll be fine, I'm just being silly.

Hehe, and if all else fails, I can go and buy some chips. :P Yes, no uni for me tomorrow (well, today) - it's just tutorials on screen-printing, and let's face it, if you're studying an illustration degree, and you don't know how to do screen printing, there's something wrong there. ;) I've been in uni all day - dead tired! (she says, on the computer ;D)

Chiiips! Yes, we will. We need some chips, it's always Pringles, chips'd be a great change. Also, Simon won't be in for most of Saturday again, I'll explain why. So we can enjoy our chips, mwahaha.

*hug* Aww, poor thing being knackered. Go sleep, have lovely dreams and all that.

I'm gettin' hungry thinkin' about chips....*drool* Although I still wouldn't say no to Pringles! *laughs* ;D Oh won't he? Off to a wedding or summut?

I slept in! I bloody woke up at 10:30!! How disgraceful is *that*!! It's usually bloody 6:30! Oh well, thankfully I didn't have uni. ;)

Because me and Jason'll be away together for the first week, he'll be doing some 12-hour shifts.

Because he doesn't get paid extra for this time (he gets paid a fixed amount for doing a fixed set of hours, I believe) he's taking time off now so he doesn't end up doing loads of extra hours for no extra money.

And good for you, you need a lie in sometimes :)

Ooh. Hot off the press.

Jason's staying in the US for longer. Not sure when he'll be back, but maybe late November instead. This screws things up, Simon's got to get someone else in and train them up in five weeks now.

Oh god, really? I wonder why he's staying over there longer...? (nosey bitch that I am ;) Poor old Simon; I bet he doesn't get paid the ridiculous amount we do though, hah. ¬_¬

Well, he has a girlfriend over there. Plan was for him to stay there a month. Obviously now he's got there, he doesn't want to leave.

Don't blame him - would you wanna come back to this country?

Well, yeah. You're in it.

*Snorts* Dean, that's a reason to stay away. ;D And if I had my way, I wouldn't return!

Is it? Well, how does poor Trudi go around saying she's a twin if you're not around to make her look good?


*Rears up with flames* Gaaaah! That cheek will not go unforgotten! ;D

I await your vengeance with puckered lips.

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