Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

Yeah, that disjointed style of writing annoyed the hell out of me. I've no real reason to understand where it came from, but it sickened me to read how cut-up and condensed and bland those last few posts are. I need to keep writing. Not in the "writing a 50,000-word story for November" way, but just... the more I write, the more I can edit and get rid of the rubbish. It seems recently I'm writing poorly without much elaboration on things; as a result I don't really recall things I've written about. That is pretty bad.

I acquired Phone Booth from work. I was intrigued by the idea behind the film, and a rather melodramatic villain. Hence the enjoying of Mr. Irons, Asti! And someone said Donnie Darko can be bought for a tenner in the HMV sales. I am looking into that, definitely.

I really am intrigued about Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance finally getting to Europe, and will buy one of those on release day, I'm sure. But looking at the games I have in front of me, I should be concerned. I have so many RPGs I've just got nowhere in these days. Heck, some of those games I've not put a half hour's worth of effort into. I just acquire things I like and then never tinker with them. Rather bizarre way of doing things, I guess, but the day I become orthodox is the day I'm trying to be.

And at least it means when the next-next-gen machines appear I'll have enough games to keep me content on these older machines, until the ridiculous price drops that happen on this machines.

I'd say on the non-handheld front I've more games I've played for less than three hours, than I have over three. Hmm. So if I enjoy the item's presence more than the item itself, maybe I should just take the cases. It'd be a fair bit cheaper.

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