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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Inflatable Dalek anyone?

Or, there's the inflatable sumo wrestling kit.

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Do you see: it is called a reminder because they are out in weeks.

Though I guess you've already pre-ordered the blow-up dalek?

Nah, it looks pretty shit to me. *hugs his £70 remote controlled Dalek*

Besides, wtf is up with that release date? They already had them at the new Forbidden Planet Megastore (which I recommend anyone in London visit, for it is a shop of the gods).

Is that like a remote controlled car, but wanders round saying "Exterminate"?

The new Forbidden Planet Megastore? You know I don't pay enough attention to FP as is given it feels a tad overpriced in the Tottenham Court Road shop - but a new megastore? Where's that been positioned?

Basically. But it's reeeeeally well designed. Excellent craftmanship. It really is a mini-Dalek.

Oh. Somewhere near the old one. Can't remember the address. It really is huge, and is worth checking out, just for the size. It really is awe inspiring.

So, it can't go up or down stairs either?

And maybe I should go check. I've got me a card to travel into London with. I should examine one day.

dalek *laugh*

I've got photos of my sister in an inflatable sumo getup. I'd post them, but they could be anywhere at this moment.

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