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The brain mosquito, and other stuff.

Work is nice. So far I've done eighteen and a half hours this week. If I keep this up I could do a 50+ hour week; that'd be an interesting change. I also now have lots of things to suggest to SI tomorrow. That's always good.

For those who showed interest, here is a brain mosquito:

I got me an adaptor from play so I can plug 2 PS2 controllers into my PC and play games like Streets of Rage on here whenever, whoohoo. Well, once I install the drivers and get this machine to understand what this weird new thing is.

I did show signs of feeling sleepy on the train home. This is a very bad thing. I need to get myself a proper GBA charger so I can play Advance Wars 2 on the train home. There was a really good one I used to use but it's ridiculously hard to just find in shops nowadays - it's called an Interact Powerpak, and I don't want to have to ebay for it.

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