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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Inconsiderate sod!
Work was okay. Except the air conditioning died, resulting in the building being ridiculously hot. So I went for a walk around Tottenham Court Road. In Game I picked up a copy of FFTA someone had sold there for £24 and (given my lack of finding a decent powerpack) those blocks of plastic that're battery-holders.

I went around to a few other places. I finally saw CEX when it was open. Looked quite disturbing, really. Bought a screen cover thing for supercheap, just because my screen keeps getting little nicks on it. Of course, when I put this cover on a hair or two got caught underneath, causing me to want to tear this off again, but meh.

I left work early, simply because I felt tired. On the way home I found out that some sod had tried to top himself around the train station I'd normally get off at. As a result, the train driver was forced to chuck us all off at the next stop. A trip home that takes an hour tops took over two tonight, given I had no idea how to get home from where the train stopped at.

I kept grumbling about him. I mean, what an inconsiderate sod. He could have drowned or something, wouldn't have got in anyone's way as well then.

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is it the one for the normal GBA you want? because i have a rechargable battery pack somewhere. I don't use it any more because I have an SP, so if I can find it and the charger, you can have it. I'd probably have to ask you to pay postage though as it and the adaptor are pretty heavy.

FFTA isn't all that great.. at least thats my opinion.. But Oh well.. I see you ike jade cocoon 2 eh.. thats not a great game either.. but... I still love it cause it's the first rpg I've ever played.. yeah yeah.. I really just like how the forest looks and all.. and the part in the beginning when the music comes on when you find cure standing there.. oh I LOVE taht music.. I borrowed the game from my boyfriend and I left it on that song all night.. kinda creepy huh..

I'm only an hour into FFTA now. I love the idea of strategy and having to consider movement in an RPG, like how Shining Force did so well.

FFTA isn't too bad, I'm enjoying how the system works - but it feels like it could have been done better, so far. Especially seeing someone just randomly joined my party. No real effort to it, they just wanted to join.

Jade Cocoon 2... Jess, my ex-girlfriend, bought me that. I got really interested in the fighting system, but couldn't be bothered with the Pokemon-esque collecting of various eggs to hatch certain types of creatures, and spend ages levelling them up to learn good moves.

I can imagine if people got into it, there was massive depth to that game. I can also imagine if there was someone else to play against in 2P matches I'd have really liked the game. As it is, I have no real motivation to go any further in the game now. The music was beautiful, though; it was nice to play what I have did.

ha, yeah.. It does take ages to level the monsters up.. but I thought it was cute. I like cute anime like things.. I like graphics.. even though Jade cocoon didn'y have that great of graphics.. I thought they were decent. I still really like it. Any game you know of that are cute and cartoony?? That is still fun though.. cause there are those rediculisy stupid games that are cute.. Probably because theyre meant for 4 year olds.. but.. ya know..

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