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Inconsiderate sod!

Work was okay. Except the air conditioning died, resulting in the building being ridiculously hot. So I went for a walk around Tottenham Court Road. In Game I picked up a copy of FFTA someone had sold there for £24 and (given my lack of finding a decent powerpack) those blocks of plastic that're battery-holders.

I went around to a few other places. I finally saw CEX when it was open. Looked quite disturbing, really. Bought a screen cover thing for supercheap, just because my screen keeps getting little nicks on it. Of course, when I put this cover on a hair or two got caught underneath, causing me to want to tear this off again, but meh.

I left work early, simply because I felt tired. On the way home I found out that some sod had tried to top himself around the train station I'd normally get off at. As a result, the train driver was forced to chuck us all off at the next stop. A trip home that takes an hour tops took over two tonight, given I had no idea how to get home from where the train stopped at.

I kept grumbling about him. I mean, what an inconsiderate sod. He could have drowned or something, wouldn't have got in anyone's way as well then.

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