Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

Abbychat dream!

There's a group of friends I have (most of them don't bloody read LJ though, the scum) who I frequently chat with in an AIM group chat. The group has been named the Abbychat, based off the mumsy person who often makes the chats. Anyway, I had a dream that involved most of them last night.

The dream involved some special locket one of us found, and for some reason it said "GIVE US YOUR SOUL" on the front of it. So we all laughed and said "Sure, have my soul!" to the locket in a joking fashion.

And when it got to nighttime and we all slept, whoever had the locket became alluring to everyone. Nothing remarkably kinky happened, but none of us realised the locket was causing this.

Anyway, the best part of the dream was when Neil figured out what the locket did and grabbed hold of it. The locket lost its power at dawn, y'see. Which was the same time Neil grabbed hold of it. End result was him lying there screaming for people to give him sweet love, and everyone else has walked off and gone to bed.

Yes, a fair percentage of you won't find this funny, but Trippy will laugh her head off at this.

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