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Little wander, you.

I do like a wander at work. Today I knew Pro Evolution Soccer 3 would come into the games shop, so asked everyone at work if they wanted me to see if we could get them a copy on the cheap and a few days early. Three people took up the challenge and from that I decided to leave work at 4:30 and go get the games.

It felt very odd taking four games that were exactly the same away, at the same time. It all went on my credit card and they'll all pay me back, they're all trustworthy guys with consciences. Anyway, I've been playing the game so far tonight. Ridiculously good fun so far, I just need to figure out how to be better.

I also love having excellent timing. I planned to leave at 4:30 to get onto a train at an exact time, called the guy at the shop up early to charge the games through there and then so I could be in and out swiftly, to jump straight onto a train back, and jumping onto a bus straight back too. I made excellent time, and probably walked 4, 5 miles today. I'm pleased at that.

Also! We have the old-fashioned buses around London. It is far more fun than you can imagine to charge for a bus and jump on when it's beginning to move. Yeah, sure, I'm easily pleased. While I was waiting for a train home I kept staring around. So many people forget to take a step back and look at everything around them.

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