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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The train vendetta.
Thursday, evening: guy commits suicide on train line while I'm on the way home. End result, I had to take a ridiculously long route home. As documented before.

Tuesday, morning: train running 35 minutes late.

Wednesday, morning: train develops problems partway through the trip, we have to change and wait for the next train to come along.

Wednesday, evening: can't get on usual train due to a fire somewhere else on the line. Again, this resulted in me taking an odd route home, though thankfully I wasn't dumped in the middle of nowhere and figured out a reasonable route home.

Essentially, the trains are really appalling recently. It may be my fault :|

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I hate hearing about people topping themselves like that. Though I've heard things like that often happen, especially in the underground. :/
Other than that, our train schedules suck anywei.

You're up late. Yet I can't see you on AIM :(

I'm really sorry I didn't AIM you last night, I had so many things on my mind that I wanted to do... I wasn't on the net for very long either. I been like that lately. (huggles) But I'm sorry I didn't speak to you otherwise. :( I hope you're ok. Judging by your continuous posts to your LJ I see you're very much alive an' kickin'.
I want to let you know I'm going on another trip to the saatchi gallery somewhen in november (forgot the bloody date!). This time we gotta meet up! :) That is, hopefully if you're not too busy, but then we'll see. Er, it might be best if you come about an hour later from our proposed arrival time mind. Well, I guess it being london I should have anticipated a *slight* change in the schedule. But no! We must meet up! I demand it!! Now! ^^

It's okay, you.

I'm always around. You can't get rid of me, y'know.

And I'll have to come visit you then. Though if it's early November it could be a problem; the manager's away on a holiday for early November so I'm going to be working very hard in early November.

And if not, maybe after the manager returns I'll come visit you instead :P

Doh! (-add some rather funny comment about bounding and gagging your manager up and threatening to cover his bitsies in maple syrup and then to be thrown to hungry bears or some other form of threat-)

Well, let's hope we do anyways! Yayers!

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