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Thomas Fawcett, you're an idiot. Thank you, sod off.

I think I've found something that annoys me. I dislike people who don't pull their weight. This guy didn't. He was quite frankly in the wrong job. He'd not pay much attention to what was going on and today was the last straw, when he proved even though he's been there a fortnight he didn't actually know how to do something elementary.

I mean, I could go geeky and technical about specifics, but let's say you knew what was going on: you would laugh at this guy. He is one of the worst testers they've ever hired, Joe said. I can't say I'd disagree given what I saw of his work.

Also, I played PES3 at work. I think I've found my side of choice. Valencia, with their defensive strategy but pacey midfield to aid the lump upfront. They are a fine team for someone as defensive-minded and analytical as me to play as. I also scored my first acrobatic goal on the game; a goal of absolute beauty. Shame only three people saw it.

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