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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Thomas Fawcett, you're an idiot. Thank you, sod off.
Vibri marches onwards!
I think I've found something that annoys me. I dislike people who don't pull their weight. This guy didn't. He was quite frankly in the wrong job. He'd not pay much attention to what was going on and today was the last straw, when he proved even though he's been there a fortnight he didn't actually know how to do something elementary.

I mean, I could go geeky and technical about specifics, but let's say you knew what was going on: you would laugh at this guy. He is one of the worst testers they've ever hired, Joe said. I can't say I'd disagree given what I saw of his work.

Also, I played PES3 at work. I think I've found my side of choice. Valencia, with their defensive strategy but pacey midfield to aid the lump upfront. They are a fine team for someone as defensive-minded and analytical as me to play as. I also scored my first acrobatic goal on the game; a goal of absolute beauty. Shame only three people saw it.

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PES3 is beautiful. And Thomas sounds utterly, utterly bad. Is he there for the game or the bugs?

Well, he was there for the money. He didn't really play the game. He just looked out of the window, or read, or played music on the headphones.

Though he did make the quality attempt of trying to get Stan Collymore into CM03-04, including a pic of Collymore in Real Madrid with two *'s just to prove his greatness.

Anyway, that was all he was good for. Laughing at.

You'll understand this, being a techy guy. When a bug is found we attach a save game. This can be opened and looked into to see what happened, and then a fix can be considered. When this happens in a match, there is a match file, called a pkm file. In 03-04 you can save this so you can show off wondergoals/games.

Anyway, if there's a bug with a game you attach a savegame. If there's a bug with the match engine you attach a pkm file. You also add screenshots if you can.

He just took screenshots. So any bugs he found couldn't be reproduced. Essentially, he was useless. But at least he had the slowest machine to test with, so he wasn't wasting a good machine with his abject stupidity.


Having not done any major game testing myself, I still recognize that taking screenshots is just slightly less useful than taking photos of the computer. After all, it's easier to doctor screenshots.

I suppose Monkey Ball-like replays (in addition to saved states) would be excellent for game testing, since you can see exactly what controller motions brought about the bug. Well, Monkey Ball doesn't let you see that, but that's clearly what the data is. And it takes up so little memory, too!

And I do mean photos of the computer. Not the monitor, the computer. So you can say, "This is what the computer looked like when the thing that happened happened. Some of the lights are on, I think."

Well, why would someone want to doctor a bug?

And this game is a slow-paced one. Not much action is involved, it's a management game so you have a lot of screens and not many moving parts, really.

But he was still useless.

To prove that one is actually working and not slacking off all day.

"Why haven't you found a single error?"
"Uh... I, uh... I did! See! Look at this screenshot - Flagrant System Error."
"Aha. How is it produced?"
"Uh.... it isn't. Anymore."
"Excuse me?"
"I fixed it."
"You fixed it."
"Yes. It was real. And, uh, it's a hobby of mine - real things. You know. Things that are... existy-like."

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