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Wait, last time I updated was Friday?

Really? Mon Dieu.

I guess the weekend was more tiring than I expected. I did more hours than planned this weekend and felt quite tired and a little cranky by the end of Saturday. I'm sure Asti noticed I didn't seem myself, I know Trudi did. Sunday was kinda more of the same. Saying that, I did get to watch the Great Mouse Detective again. Always a charming film.

And after all that, posting in LJ wasn't on my mind. I had other nicer things to consider after work, really.

Monday? Odd as usual. Flood in Islington causing massive chaos, and conversations of if a fork could kill if dropped from high enough. Most things could kill if dropped from high enough, surely. And a Japanese guy came into the office curiously interested in the place. Apparently he's from a games company who'd like to be involved with SI, after Eidos messed them around. Names can't be mentioned, for legal reasons, though.

Tonight... I have a lot of things I need to remember to buy for friends. Most of it's bookmarked, at least.

Tomorrow (well, today) I aim to go into Knightsbridge to Harrods-ish and buy from the new London branch of Krispy Kreme, just so friends can sample what I did in California. I also will be watching We Will Rock You for Asti and Trudi's birthday. I'm still foreign to this notion that me showing up is the present, hence the donut-buying.

I had a really nice talk tonight. Just about the past and how I used to be. I need more talks like that, it was quite eye-opening to consider what I said. How things I did in the past make so much sense now, yet didn't at the time. Shame I didn't understand those things back then, it could have caused me to do something I wish I had the chance to now.

Likewise, I wish I had a really nice talk with someone tonight. They've been quiet and not receptive, which is fair enough. I just fuss over people too much, so feel sad to know someone's upset. Mind you, sometimes we just are sad. It's a way to recharge our batteries, to just sit back and be lethargic for a while.

Now, sleep. I work from 10:45, I'll leave at 4:45. Gives me two hours to get donuts and to Tottenham Court Road. Easy stuff, I hope.

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