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Time to decay.

Mum and Cliff are now away for a fortnight. So I have two weeks alone. I'd like some company over this time but doubt I'll get people to be able to drop in easily. This kinda frustrates me, I need to work out how to contact some people.

One problem of procrastinating and being paranoid in planning for worst-case scenarios means you'll inevitably get to places far too early. Indeed this was the case. I left work at 4:45, and made excellent time to get to Knightsbridge, where Harrods is. For those who do not know, Harrods is essentially a snooty department store. I believed they used to ban people who wore jeans and trainers. However, I got in so haha to that old belief. I looked ridiculously informal and felt like someone was going to get a giant brush and sweep me onto the street. But I got to the Krispy Kreme section, bought a box of twelve fairly random donuts, and made my way to the Dominion. Making good time again. Leaving me there at 6, when everyone else was planning to get there at 6:45. Don't laugh.

So with time on my hands I went into the Virgin Megastore. I saw Gitaroo Man in there supercheap and thought of Trudi and Asti when I saw it; that was their bonus present (I have to treat people on their birthdays; I like to treat people I care for) and also picked up a copy of Basil the Great Mouse Detective. Vincent Price musical numbers are few and far between, and someone's resurged an interest in that film.

After buying, and when the rest of the people arrived, we went into the Dominion and watched We Will Rock You. The pluses and minuses follow.

+ Brilliant musical talent
- Glow sticks costing a stupid amount.
+ Wonderfully camp bad guy.
- Nigel Planer bastardising "These Are The Days".
- Ben Elton humour resulting in one character basically being bitchy throughout.

But I'm being silly with the negatives. You go to things like this for the music and the music was outstanding. Something I wouldn't mind seeing again. This little taste of musical life has intrigued me into considering seeing other things.

We had a bit of a trek and I eventually got to Seven Sisters and had to say goodbye to the rest of the gang I'd been with. I like those guys. I missed the penultimate train home, leaving me to my own devices for a half hour. I was... contemplative. A few thoughts crossed my mind about the day. Say, it was one of the classiest days I've ever had. I'd been to a musical and to Harrods. I don't think I ever can eclipse that. It was also a day I realised I did something, that I've never noticed before. A thing I'm a little embarrased by. I'll work on this.

I've just got back home twenty minutes ago. That's undoubtably the first time I've ever been on a "last train home" and I wasn't keen on it, sadly. I should have more faith in my friends when they say I'd be fine in terms of getting a last train home. Saying that, to be very honest... given the quiet here, maybe home wasn't the best place for me to end up at...

Well, I shall sleep before I notice the absolute silence of this place. Sure, I like quiet, usually. But after a day like today, the contrast from laughter and happiness to the only sound being the keys on the keyboard clicking, I don't like quiet tonight.

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