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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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(no subject)
[18:50:23] mariane pancake: right handed poeple are here to make the leftys special
[18:51:41] dean_r: I suppose so.
[18:52:06] dean_r: After all, they need some reason to feel special given they're essentially cackhanded.

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*slappage* I happen to be lefthanded damn you. :P
more creative, you know.
No, really.

I am also left-handed. Although, I have in my time been accused of cackhandedness. I tend to smudge ink when I'm writing, too. Sucks to be me.

I'm doin a degree now, and so I don't ruin my work, since I'm doing graphics, my ideas tend to go from right to left on the paper. Luckily no-one seems to care ^^

Left-handed here!

We're twice as likely to be geniuses. We're also twice as likely to be insane. We die younger, because things are generally designed without left-handers in mind. Everything from bandsaws forcing left-handers to obscure their own views to the majority of doors (although most doors don't cause dramatic problems).

Have you try writing backwards? Note how much easier it flows. How much smoother it is. You'll have to spend a little time figuring out how to start a's and d's and g's, but... the left arm just isn't designed to sweep from left to right.

My father was left-handed, but they forced him to become right-handed. So this issue is PERSONAL.

Well, not really.

I used to write left-handed when I was much younger. Then I figured out if I wrote with my right hand I wouldn't smudge ink anywhere near as much, the transition ultimately occured. I probably could have been ambidextrous if I'd practiced with my left hand far more when I was younger.

Don't damn me for your lefthandedness, you :P

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