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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Anonymous flattery.
Ickle Cute Thing
http://www.livejournal.com/users/dean_r/392913.html - penultimate comment. Interesting, if surprising.

Most of the people I know wouldn't post anonymously so I can assume it's someone I don't know. Which leads to it possibly being a ruse, but I doubt it. Someone from customers_suck, given I mention it in that post? Maybe. Regardless, if I seem nice enough for them to read through some of my posts and comment once, there's a probability they'll return again another time. Hence adding this post now.

I always enjoy talking to new people, so if I can find who this person is I'd be interested in talking to them. Hmm, I shall ponder this further after a bath.

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Doesn't look like a ruse to me. Could be someone you know who waffled at the last second about attaching their name to such a comment. Or someone you don't know who wants to, I dunno, test the waters. See how you respond.

This is just me rambling, though.

Well, you're effectively thinking the same way as I. There's one person who's shy, and who'd write in such a way. But if they like me?
Hm. That'd be interesting.

So I still have to believe it's someone I don't know much of, until someone says something to change that belief. As it stands, I'm a pretty open person and enjoy talking to people, so hopefully they'll come talk to me.

No IP number so we can at least establish geographical location?

Of course. However, given I'm sure they want privacy themselves I'll not mention it on here. I'll have a lookaround for info but I'm sure some of the more geeky people I know could find out more info than I from the IP.

It was posted at 7:49 GMT though. Most people from certain places on the globe wouldn't be awake at that time. So there's that to consider also.

You got a stalker? Way to go! :)

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