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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Scummy Wolves!
Vibri marches onwards!
Damn them, beating Leicester up. Though, pfft, how do you lose a 3-0 lead like that without wanting people to grumble at you?

I got a CD through a post in the morning from Mr. goodcow which was quite pleasant indeed. Lots of interesting music; though I've not had the chance to listen to it extensively, as I'd like.

Work was pleasant enough. Simon gave me a lift home too, which was thoughtful, because the rain was coming down quite hard and I'd have got drenched if I'd not got a lift home.

I finally found out who the anonymous person was. That was a fun thing, it was quite interesting to try to piece together who it may be. It was a nice person, too, so I'll hope to keep in touch with them.

I plan to play Pro Evo 3 tonight. I did laugh at Fifa 2004 in comparison to Pro Evo 3. I didn't imagine the gulf in quality between the two games to be so large.

I'm unable to say much more than a few sentences in a paragraph at the moment. I'm a little tired, so the usual excessive effort I put into posting will not occur this time.

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good grief, did wolves win for a change?!

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