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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Simple games!


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I'm surprisingly good at that second one. For a bit, at least. Up until 2 seconds, I can usually get within 1/1000th of the target time... everytime, I end up within 1/100th or so.


feh. I should read the smallprint next time. Let's try that again.

Is it scary that someone could get up to 30 seconds, though? I mean, that's almost too precise to potentially be. You'd hope they have a job that requires excellent timing. I can't think of a job as such like that, it's too early, but morjeijrhidnjbwww.

Or they might have written a hook program to time everything to the millisecond and to click the mouse button at that exact moment - I'm not sure about all the fine details but the idea sounds fine...

Or perhaps something as simple as a stopwatch?

I got up to 14 on the first one. Meh. The real thing's a great deal better. :-)

The simpler the game is, the more obsessed I get! I've been doing the second one at work when I have free time. I've noticed that when I mess up my times are always too short. Which is sort of odd because I'm always running late...

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