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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Silencio, o Deanio.
Not now.
I've been really quiet recently. Based off not being able to get into work last week thanks to picking up an illness, I want to do extra hours this week to compensate. In a way, getting ill may have been useful, it was still a good chance to rest, I guess. So why am I typing this post up now if this could influence the time I wake up tomorrow, and ergo miss out on earning as much as I could? I have no idea. But I wanted to say something, and the sooner the better, so I can get in bed quicker afterwards.

The real fun began in work today; we got to test the CM editor. People who've played CM can already imagine the fun that's set to occur here. Strange new nations added, new injuries added (one poor played ended up with the injury of "being a bit dim", which would take two weeks to recover from) the new prestigious "Robbie Savage Nice Chap Of The Week" award was created, and there was a new national newspaper, the Daily Spoon. In one game San Marino became Moomoo, where the people became Moomoorese. And I managed to delete England from existence when using the editor for the first time! I find the super bugs!

I'm looking forwards to working the rest of the week. Joe said he wanted to cut down on the amount of people in next week. I said I'd not be able to come in, but it appears I could be able to negotiate time at work and get in for four days next week, if they wanted me in. That'd be nice, if I could do that. I'll need to ponder it more tomorrow and decide if that's what I think is best and if it'll help SI at all.

In other news: I don't like my back any more, it's the least favourite part of my body. It's too difficult to scratch parts of it.

Also, I think the silence at home is a little unpleasant to me, I keep leaving a television on in the background just to not have silence in the room. I also enjoy the faint hum of the television. When I was younger I used to think I was the only one who could hear it, heh.

[oh, and I do like the fact I set Semagic to save drafts frequently. It just crashed but had saved the majority of this post when I reopened Semagic. I could have just lost a lot of writing, and been very peeved as a result. But instead I am happy. And shall shut up now.]

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I would ask you to put me in the game, but if the Darlo squad is up to date, I'm sort of there already, aren't I?

Actually, there's a plan...... can you give Darlo a malevolent benevolent called MikkyX and kick George out for me? That would be wonderful, thank you.

When I was little I used to think that I was the only one who could hear that television hum too. I would ask my parents about it and they claimed not to hear it. Maybe they're just deaf. I like to leave the tv on for background noise too but I don't enjoy the humming sound by itself very much.

As you get older, the range of frequencies you can hear decreases - so higher frequencies (such as the TV, about 20KHz) become inaudible. However some people - especially those who work with sound on a daily basis etc - can still hear it to an old age.

Daily Spoon? The copycats. After I made The Spoon a few years ago EVERYONE has been using it. I demand them to put a link to my site in the game, or I'll contact my lawyers!

And by lawyers, I mean old smelly Mark, the tramp outside Superdrug.

I added "The Weekly Whelk", the most happening newspaper in London.

I did use Semagic until I heard it was messing around with the LJ servers. Has that been fixed now?

I knew that not, and know that not.

i didn't even read your entry this time...

but can you notify me when the next sale for permanent accounts will be? i'd be most grateful.

i'll read your journal soon. i promise. *hugs*

Re: i didn't even read your entry this time...

Add news to your friends list, they'll tell you before I can.

Carrot Top IS Doctor Who!

( )

Is Rod Hull, actually. IS.

Wow, you minimised my icon good.


This may answer the reason why I have an icon like that. However, given it's really not as funny without the farcical over-acting that text cannot offer, it may just create new questions instead.

And the real Rod Hull died by falling off his roof, whilst trying to mess around with his television aerial, due to a soccer match he was watching going frequently snowy.

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