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Hello Mr Internet!

The cable company I subscribe to have been hacking at wires (and/or completing maintenance work) around here, so I've had no internet access for the night. Ergo I have spent the evening creating remixes in Amplitude, and contemplating how to prevent myself drooling over the F-Zero box when I pick the game up later. Oh, and I watched FLCL, Neil. Was pleasantly surprised, thanks again.

I found a crafty way around that mother-mooching situation mentioned in the post before. I put £200 into her bank account, that she was going to get to aid in buying Christmas presents in a month's time. This way I don't have to worry of whining for the cash back, and it's their fault they went out of the country to go get very drunk without having the money for it.

So given my tiredness yesterday, my rushing around this morning, and the lack of the internet working this evening, I've not kept up with my friends page at all. I've just had to read about 60 posts, which isn't as many posts as I was expecting I'd have to catch up on. I don't know how some of you can deal with catching up on more than that, on a regular basis.

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