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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Well, I have the ability to make new icons...
Subliminal idiocy.
So I went for something more subliminal this time. I'll use this icon when I mess up, because I seem to be making mistakes too much recently.

I worry I'm going to cause seizures with this icon, though. On the one hand I want to tone it down. On the other hand... it'd not be as excellent if I did. I'll probably slow the icon down a bit, I'm not sure.

But subliminal messages are great!

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I really should pinch myself an icon too y'know. ;)

And hiya hon. I'm back. I wanna catch you on aol soon, cause right now I'm procrastinating big time and have an essay to finish up and right now I'm skimming the net to find some juicy material. I hope life is treating you well. I miss our talks...Ho hum, and whatnot....;)

You should get yourself an icon, yes!

Well, I miss the chats too, so I'll hope I hear from you soon :)

Wait, wait..

Who's an idiot?

Oh yes, I see it now. It's burnt onto my retinas!

It's better than life itself, really, isn't it?

Whoo, Homsar!

Not enough people appreciate Homsar. That's okay, though. All the cool kids know that absurdism is IN.

Although I thought for a month that I had dreamed the scene about Homsar in the Pumpkin Carving episdode.......

(Deleted comment)

*Shakes with murderous rage as I start to plan your death from beyond my grave!*

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