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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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I hate days which never stop.
You wake up, you have to do A, B and C, get to work, get home, go somewhere, and so on. I like random bouts of spontaneity, I don't consider I'd enjoy proper 9-5 work.

Today could have been one of those days. I woke up and prepared a bath; I'd given myself just enough time to enjoy a nice soak before work. But I began to read livejournal while the water ran and heard of sad people, so in making a fuss of them, the time I could have had in the bath diminished down to an eventual no time at all. In the end, I had enough time to shove my head into the bath and out, and shampoo it, and dip my head back into the water again.

And as I did this, I managed to find out the hot water had ran out at some point. And I'd plunged my head into a bathful of ice-cold water. Oh my, that was a wake-up call. Finding out I had a lack of shampoo afterwards caused a source of irritation also.

But at least it caused me to take a picture of how my hair looked after drying it.

Work... well, it's interesting. How I see it is if we don't mess up much we've got a damned good reason to demand a pay rise. So I'm just hoping things go pleasantly enough, but I know something crazy is going to happen. It's just one of these things. I also found out someone who pops in and annoys us is actually banned for life and should be kicked out as soon as he comes in. I am amused at this, and am quite grateful too. He's the Irish kid featured in a post I put on customers_suck.

As for Nan's... well, pre-Nan's we went around Sainsbury's and I picked up lots of nice snacky foods, and I'm happy and content with the little snacks I have lying around here. However, for the second time in a row the ham I bought for myself seems to have disappeared. This is quite curious and concerns me more than it should. From getting the ham to putting the ham into bags in the car to getting the bags back here the ham disappears somewhere. There's a hamburgler on the loose!

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Shall I cut it off and send it in the post?

Absolutely, Dean. Be sure to mail me some of your wit, too.

That's what my hair looks like when I first wake up in the morning!

Nice nice hair!

Like your purple hair! :P

That's kinda what mine looks like, expect my is also shoulder length


Keep this hair!

Coolest picture ever. xD

All the better to hide your hedgehogs.

Random remark of the day..

All your hair are belong to us.

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