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The end of the papple season.

We're close to the end of autumn - the papples are rotting. It's a shame, I love papple season.

Wait, papples, you ask? What's this crazy thing I'm talking of? I shall explain!

For some reason the name crab apple was considered "too stupid", so me and a few friends called the miniature apples you find on some trees papples instead. This name has stuck, despite that comment coming from over ten years ago. We love the papples, for they are endlessly amusing - their small shape means you can kick them down the road without damaging things, or attempt kick-ups with them. Or hitting them relatively high into the air and volleying them with such force that you can see them fly for a very long distance.

So, people, question for you - I call crab apples papples frequently. Are there any random items you know of that are called something else yet you always call them some other name, as a habit? Or am I just a freak of nature?

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