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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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When you're too good, you just cause pain.
I felt like a game of Puyo Pop. I thought I'd have a go at Endless Mode, just to consume a little time.

And I basically played this fun puzzle game to the point where I got bored. I'm good at the game but I've never managed a three-or-four hour stint like that; I've never managed to get bored playing this game. I just got the point where I'd managed to dissipate more puyos than the game could register, and left it at that before my brain melted. I mean, as it stands, this is my brain right now.

I am going to dream of raining coloured beans falling from the sky and I only have myself to blame.

Oh, I have to remind Astrid I saw Trudi in Sainsbury's. She was packing shopping away and so I walked up close to her, and said "Leer!" and stared at her. She looked up in disgust, thinking I was some strange guy - and then realised it was me and I was some strange guy - but she didn't hit me, which is always a good thing. Through some discussion, it appears I may be going to go to see Matrix Revolutions with her and her sister and a few other friends on Sunday - if all goes well. Trudi really didn't give the film a positive review, but Hugo Weaving amuses me greatly and I imagine I'll find those parts enjoyable at least.

I should look into acquiring Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Thinking about it, I remember seeing that with Katy, many moons ago. I remember I was too tired to pick up on specifics, but we all need a bit of camp goodness now and then.