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Mmm, work.

I slept, I woke, I worked again. Work was fun, I watched lots of films at work with Astrid, and I planned to see Matrix Revolutions with her and Trudi and other friends of theirs tomorrow, which sounds like a good-bad thing. The twins weren't pleased with the end result of the film, but said some parts were funny, at least.

It's odd. I'm essentially acting manager at that place right now for a fortnight, and in a way I'm able to think of things to do for everyone, but I know the other two main co-workers could try to shirk responsibility during this time. While the cat's away, and all that.

But what better way is there to try to weasel a pay rise out of the shop owner, than if we all do our job well? Given when I came into work today the co-worker had internet pages up, had been playing a hockey game, and had got effectively 25 minutes' work done in four hours - I didn't feel too happy with this potentially happening.

My head hurts. I'm having an early night.

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