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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Waste of a day...
I had a second wind and ended up awake until dawn last night, but did nothing special. I slept until a stupid time in the afternoon, ate reheated pizza, bathed and did nothing else of interest until I went to the cinema to watch the Matrix Revolutions with Trudi, Astrid and their friends.

No spoilers, but it wasn't as bad as people had kept saying, though the film wasn't anything special. The ending was poor and some characters had sadly corpsed (rather than evolved) from the first film significantly. Annoyingly, the story was left open for further films, as you'd expect - given what happened in the film, this feels a bad move. And they found a fair few people that couldn't act in this film - you thought the kid who was talking about "There is no spoon" was bad...

I was hamburgled on the way home. I bought two hamburgers, I ate one, I found none left. Unpleasant surprise, that.

I had a talk with myself on the way home. Thinking about how I feel, and asking myself why, and generally considering what I want to do in the near-future. It's a self-appraisal of sorts, except I talk myself through it. The main points to consider are if I don't know what's going on in some people's lives and if that should bother me, and if honesty has been causing me hurt in the recent future, and if I should keep my mouth shut sometimes.

Now I'm home, I feel less vibrant than I was when I left for the cinema. I'm a little tired and don't feel especially talkative. I'm half-hoping I can fall asleep earlier tonight, I have things to do tomorrow - including work, heh.

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i really enjoyed the movie. i thought it wasn't as good as the second one, but i thoroughly enjoyed it. now i'm a complete matrix geek. oh yeah, check out www.themeatrix.com - pretty good stuff.


Whoa! Life from you again! I wondered where you'd gone.

How's everything been for you? You should pester me next you're online - what are your contact details etc again on AIM/MSN/ICQ (I can't remember which you used now...)

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