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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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November trimming!
Well, I didn't need a haircut per se, but a haircut I had. My head feels a bit cold. Still, it'll be back to its usual self by the time I go visit Lynne and Holly with Jess, I hope. At least, that's the plan. My hair may suddenly decide not to grow for once.

Work's gonna go really slowly today - it's been dead all day for Tom. But at least I'm likely to have tacos waiting for me when I return home. Oh, the simple pleasures in life.

Oh! I bought something on ebay and it finally arrived today - it's a simple little keyboard, but it's got USB ports in it, so I can plug my webcam/controller converter in simpler places than behind the computer. Besides that, today was relatively quiet. Only minor distraction was a power cut this morning, for a few hours, but these things happen.

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It's a fair solution until I upgrade/fix components of my PC. I've had 2 kaput USB ports since... well... its existence.

I have two less kaput USB ports after tinkering with the machine last night; due to those kaput ports actually falling out of the back of the machine and I assume the things just weren't in properly initially.

So they work better from a distance?

If, by distance, you mean another slot for USB ports, yes they do.

To be honest, given the grief they cause me I wager they'll fall back into the case again.

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