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Managerial decisions that make me feel proud.

There wasn't much space in the back of the shop for stock, so I did an extensive amount of changing things around. We now have quite a bit of space free there, which makes me feel proud of myself for managing to sort out a quite major problem by myself - I'd have done something like this before but I've never had the feeling that the manager would like me tampering with things. But while he's not around, I jolly well will!

I made acquisitions recently. Mainly due to HMV sales, and second hand stock appearing, but I've picked up ToCA Race Driver, Final Fantasy X, One Hour Photo and a Collector's Edition Matrix for £30 or so, and we've a copy of The Truman Show lying around in the shop if I so desire it. I'm gonna need to think about that one more.

Hmm, also - yesterday, a mob of around twelve kids came in, one on a bicycle. This one started using the bicycle to skid around the shop, leaving marks on the carpet. I saw some of them when I walked home later that night. They seemed amused at their actions and asked if I'd cleaned up the marks. I said no, and that seemed to upset them. However, the shop owner has their faces on CCTV and if he sees any of them I sense he'll kick their faces in, or some equivalent thing.

I can't wait until Sunday though. I really fancy a nice day of rest.

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