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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Do not eavesdrop.
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Remember this post? Where I mocked a co-worker? To be fair and remembering back to that day, he had done a fair amount of work given I remember what had to be done. But what I knew was he enjoyed looking at my livejournal at work once... so I had to give him something mean to read about him, just to see if he read my journal away from work too.

He came in today quite perturbed by my mocking, until I pointed out that's his fault for sticking his nose into something and taking it at face value. He did eventually see the funny side of it, after being caught hook, line and sinker.

Also: in my opinion, Mario Kart Double Dash!! is good. But only good. I played it, but I really couldn't warrant spending £40 on it, not after the gorgeousness of F-Zero.

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I thought F-Zero was good, but only good. And I think Mario Kart's brilliant.

Fair dos. Reasons why I dislike Mario Kart to the level of F-Zero.

1. Customising. I like my pretty machine I have on F-Zero, it's fun to tinker and make useless hulking great machines too.

2. No items. In Mario Kart DD I think there's too many item boxes, and it just gets in the way. Races can be decided through luck more than skill more often, which is fair enough in multiplayer, but in single player it feels cheap when you have no items to protect yourself - I admit, I didn't tinker around too much but I didn't find a way to use a banana skin as protection like you could in the old game, or a way to fire green shells backwards (they just seem to stop there). Even so, the fact F-Zero relies on skill more makes it enjoyable to me.

3. The variety of things to do - you can do so much in F-Zero and so little in Mario Kart.

Then there's the fact some parts of the game feel like they've gone backwards.

No hop button (why not, given you've two buttons for firing weapons, one could have been spared)
No Ghost power-up (I don't like this whole barging other people to get their weapons idea, given it's inconsistent - I've hit people hard and lost my item as chubby characters)
No real way of telling distance aside from a look at the map on the right, which is often confusing - I liked MK's map or MK64's squares on a line to show distance between characters.

And other stuff. I have pizza, pfft to writing more now.

I hate when people do that. "I was snooping your LJ and read something nasty you wrote about me! >:O"

"Why were you reading that, anyway?"

"haha, lolz, O:-)"

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