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It's blinking cold here, like!

I found this random pattern occur and managed to press print-screen in time to save it. I like the pattern, so it's a nice new pretty icon for me, heh. I like how things like that just happen, if you catch things at the right time you can see beautiful and crazy things.

I'm wearing a shirt, my work top and a fuzzy coat-thing, and have a blanket draped around me, and I still fear the cold of outside when I leave to go to work, based off how I feel freezing right now.

Over the last few days I've completely fallen for Gunbound. I don't enjoy playing random people too much, though, too often they show way too much seriousness. I also watched One Hour Photo with film commentary on, I need to do that for more of my films. There's also some other things that're happening in my life that were talked of over the last few days, but I think I should keep that vague for now.

On Friday, while at work, I got to watch all the Look Around Yous, which was nice. It was a pleasant thing to get to watch and confirmed I may ask for this for Christmas.

Work in a few minutes. Eh, I can safely say this will be a trek to work that'll feel like it's taking forever. Still, best get ready to go now. Back for half past six, Mum and Cliff should be back from their holiday by then too.

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