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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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(no subject)
Cliff's deleted a few of my mp3s in a sporadic moment of knowing how to delete things. He's usually harmless besides the occasional bit of porn left on the desktop, but deleting my music gets me quite riled. Thankfully he's not done major damage from what I can fathom... most of the songs are quite simple to replace. A few are far less so, however.

He's deleted a section from The L... to halfway through the Toploader songs I have.

What I'm missing (after friends and mp3.com helped me acquire most of what I lost):

tobyslater - Consumption.

And a few from the Wannadies which I need to check up on. But the songs were from the Bagsy Me album.

Well, that is if the whole RetailTherapy section is still up and operational on tobyslater.com - else I've just lost a tenner.

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I've definitely got Consumption on my computer back home. Drop me a line around Thanksgiving, I'll be sure to send it up to you.

You've also got to remind me about finding Gryffindor scarf for you. Neither of us remembered last time.

Excellence! I shall pester you, whenever that Thanksgiving thing happens. I'm afraid I'm never 100% on when this celebration happens over there.

If it makes you feel any better, I have no idea when it occurs either. "A month before Christmas" is my general rule of thumb. It's the midway point between Halloween and Christmas.

In any event, drop me a line on Wednesday. That should do it.

I was always under the impression that it was the third Thursday in November. That's not the case this year, though. Maybe it's "the third Thursday in November, except in cases when that's too early-seeming"?

Maybe you should buy music sometime instead of stealing it, ye-who-had-a-go-at-me-for-downloading-GBA-roms!

I have Bagsy Me though, I'll MP3 some for you (if they aren't on this computer already).

Did I? I think I've been taking stuff too seriously then, I get ROMs. If I want to see if a game's worth getting - or in the case of the Mega Drive, when I've no hope of getting the game any more - I'll get ROMs, for sure.

For the tobyslater situation: I ordered the rest of his songs from tobyslater.com last night, after being in a mood for his music. It's what made me notice I was missing the songs. Anyway, you're meant to be given the links to the mp3s after paying up almost instantly - no blinking response so far, but a tenner's out of my bank account. No other way to get hold of his music than online...

For the Wannadies situation: I bought Bagsy Me based off enjoy it at yours, I think. I found my sister liked the album too, though, as examination suggests she took it with her to Spain.

Thomas Newman's Whisper of a Thrill can only be obtained on a Meet Joe Black soundtrack - a whole CD of ten quid plus, for five minutes or so, is a bit steep.

Also, I've bought albums after getting the mp3s if I enjoyed the music, otherwise I usually delete the songs. I'm a little obsessive-compulsive, I feel, I worry of the lack of disc space when I've barely used a third of my hard drive space. But I just put the CDs away, I use mp3s far more than CDs.

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