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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Soon to rest, to enjoy myself.
It's nice to know I get a break from work after these six hours tomorrow night. There's something quite pleasant about knowing I can get a little rest to do whatever.

Earlier in the shop we had someone call up in an absolute strop because I sold him a PC version of Fifa 2004 instead of the PS2 copy he expected. I pointed out he picked up the PC box, and I thought he realised that due to the fact it said FOR PC on the box. No wonder he thought he was getting a bargain when he saw the game for £29.99 - around a load of PC games, of course that's a PS2 title at a bargain price.

I think, after hearing opinions confirming it, my hair does look better scruffy. I don't think I look myself at the moment... still, not much I can do about it until it's grown a little longer again.

I just have to walk the dog, then I fancy a game or two of Gunbound.