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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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I'm not paying attention to journals like I used to. Therefore for the next few days I'm gonna individually read up on every journal on my friends list - and I mean, really try to read them for the last 30 to so posts, not just skip through...

If I do find I'm skipping posts, either I'm bored or the subjects talked of don't mean much to me. I'm unable to keep up with my friends list well as is, so this may mean I can see whose posts I'm not really reading, and trim my friends list a bit... no offence is intended, especially if it's someone I've just added. Most of the people on my friends list are nice people, but if I'm generally unable to read their posts, I need to do something.

Update: Actually, I'm just in a... not-good mood. I may make a friends list filter instead, and just let people delete me as is necessary. It causes far less mess.

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I don't read them, either. I make things up. They're much more interesting that way.

You, for instance, are a fat builder from Newcastle who likes to eat roses.

Radiodave likes to eat flowers too, although he a skinny weirdo from Leeds.

David is secretly Bernard Manning.

You know what's funny? In the summer on the way to the stadium for Sports Day, people have PROOF that I started randomly eating flowers growing from the side of the pavement. I guess I could change to be the latter, too.

So... how did you know?

I was hiding in the flower bed, actually.

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