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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The last few days...
...have been interesting, certainly. From preparing for the visit of Debs for tomorrow, to hearing Beth going through a lot and seeing her make a big decision, to finding presents were received by friends and even finding a present is on its way to me.

I haven't written anything about my life since Sunday, really. Actually because not much has happened to me, I've just been supporting things that've been going on around me. Aiding mother with paying bills, going over the road for Nan, talking all night with people online... stuff that's not worth going into more detail than I just have.

I've spent a fair bit of money over the last few days. Presents for people, though - two DVDs, a few sweet things and a game. The last thing I got for me was... the music tracks from tobyslater.com, about a tenner's worth of music.

I've been playing Championship Manager recently, now I've got that through the post. That's quite dull information to some of you so details won't be talked of too much, but Leicester will be a difficult side to do anything with. They can't stop drawing at present.

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Well a draw is worth one point. The habit I currently have when playing as Darlo isn't getting me anywhere at all, really. Suffice to say, my CM form mirrors our real form.

Yeah, but 38 draws still leaves you very close to the relegation zone.

That's a fair comment, although I counter it by reminding you 46 defeats leaves you relegated, never mind close. OK, I'm not doing THAT badly, but give it a couple of seasons.......

hey dean,

you still listen to toby? i have his ep and some songs that toby sent me. i'm super excited!

oh yeah, since you're in the uk, i thought i'd let you know about a canadian band that's coming there starting today! the band is called The Weakerthans and their schedule in the uk is:
"A Ship and a Dozen Able Men"
The Reconstruction Site Trans-Continental Expedition, European Leg

27.11. London (UK) - Mean Fiddler
28.11. Manchester (UK) - The Bierkellar
29.11. Nottingham (UK) - Rock City
30.11. Glasgow (UK) - King Tuts
01.12. Leeds (UK) - Joseph's Well

they are super super good. ticket info is at
UK: http://www.cnltouring.co.uk

anyways, i just thought i'd let you know that they were coming and that they are an amazing band!

talk to you soon.

EP? Songs he sent you personally? Ooh, you crafty devil!

And thanks for the info, but you told me on the wrong date. London's the only place anywhere near me and on that day... well, my friend visited.

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