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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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I haven't talked in here for a bit. I did explain that Deborah (briargate) was staying here for a day, though, so you understand I'd have been a rubbish host if I'd been yakking away while she was here. She's now gone to Heathrow to ogle lawyers from Angel. As you do.

On the Thursday she popped down I showed her Camden (not a good idea seeing she had a limited amount of money) and henceforth felt guilty and loaned her £40 so she can grope all the celebrity backside she wants to this weekend. I also showed her Platform 9 and three quarters in Kings Cross, which always brings a smile to people's faces... we did a little travelling but most of her time here was spent talking or watching Family Guy, which is never a bad thing.

I went into an impulse-buying sensation on Friday, after I dropped Debs off, and she found her friend and they started happily yakking away... I found an import games shop when I began to walk around London. I went in there to see if they had Fire Emblem, but walked out with a Hori Pad as well. Still, that's my last set of indulgences for a good while, I feel.

Now, sleep. Work soon for me.

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Ooh.. next time I'm in London (haha, I say it like I go there every weekend) I must remember to go to Kings Cross!

Pfft. If you ever get to London you'll probably have to go through Kings Cross, and I'll probably demand to meet you, so you'll have no chance of not seeing it, quite frankly.

Where abouts in London did you tour, just the Camden area? (incidentally I'm in the Camden area in about 2 weeks time)

Nowhere special. She doesn't travel well and came into London tipsy due to generous people sitting beside her on the train. So we got some food in her, then went around Camden and then came back because we felt shattered.

And Friday, I just had to get her to Kings Cross to meet up with her friend.

So essentially we did sod all around London. After we parted company I went to Knightsbridge (Harrods - and donuts) and Tottenham Court Road-ish to Goodge Street, then home.

Senior partners? hoho!

She likes some of their arses, or something.

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