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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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My cold feels a lot worse. It's odd - when my body is horizontal my nose is blocked, when I'm standing up and vertical it's running like crazy. Either way, I still don't like either situation. I had to go out today as well, which didn't help matters.

I had to send off the money for a copy of Vib-Ribbon which should be winging its way to Mr. smiley13 with more luck than the last attempt, let's hope.

I acquired a Zelda's Collectors Edition Disc from Nintendo Europe's site. I will get to see GRUMBLE GRUMBLE and DODONGO DISLIKES SMOKE all over again, huzzah. And finally get to play Majora's Mask, and finally form an opinion on a game I've heard a lot of different things about.

Now, I'm going to sit in bed and eat snacky foods and play Fire Emblem and DVDs. A rest is a necessity for me tonight.

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(Deleted comment)
Which makes me curious, y'know. Sometimes when people slate things you get more interested.

Majora's Mask is the shit. In a positive, brilliant way.

Hmm. I sense mixed messages here.

(Deleted comment)
Sleep itself sounds difficult enough as is right now.

All Zelda games suck teh cock because Link is a girly wankstain.


I hate what my friend calls the nasal ping-pong, when you sleep on your right side you can't breathe through your right nostril and when you're on your left side you can't breathe through your left.

Anyway, hugs and thoughts of warmth and hot tea have been sent your way. Feel better soon. :)

Aww. That's a nice thing to send. You're nice.

I've got something similar in terms of illness, I'm afraid.

I'm also afraid the store that I was hoping would have that scarf didn't. However, I expect when the next movie comes out, they'll restock. So!

(hands you a tissue)

Aw you poor lad. (huggles) It's a good thing cyber hugs are so clean eh? I can't hug in you in person right now and I can't catch a cold. I hope you feel a lot better soon though. And that work becomes a little more organised again, judging by what i'm reading. I haven't been on LJ in a while. I'm sorry bout that. :p Mind you I'm popping into London tomorrow again for another gallery visit (Saatchi and Tate Modern). My coach leaves around 8:45am. Hopefully I'll arrive at the Saatchi at around 11:45-12:30 ish. I say that cause it was so stupid last night. As if London traffic could be that forgiving. This is just to say incase you fancy meeting up. i think both galleries are free. Unless you're working.

Re: (hands you a tissue)

So, you say you can't catch a cold, but still want to meet me? Weirdo!

I'll try and come down this time, cold and all. Keep your mobile on, and I'll try and meet you someplace. :)

Re: (hands you a tissue)

Heheh, yep. That's me. An oddball. ;)
You got my number though haven't you?

Re: (hands you a tissue)

Actually, neither number's working when I'm trying to call them! :(

Re: (hands you a tissue)

That's weird, cause my phone was on all day yesterday. Plus obviously my home number would have been useless cause i wasn't at home. Heh.

I'll have to send you my numbers by email. I'm naturally a bit wary about posting it right here in public.

Re: (hands you a tissue)

I had your number, I confirmed it with Abby. Unless you've changed your phone number recently? Anyway, two nights ago I called the number I had and got a "There is a fault!" message. Otherwise I'd get a ringing tone, no answer after a minute, I'd sigh, I hang up, that kinda thing.

Your home number didn't work but I took it in case someone else was, so I could confirm your mobile number, given the faults I had. Again, no hope at all.

Please send the numbers by email. I'll call you when I get them, heh.

...aw man, I read that last like as "I'm going to shit</i> in bed"!!!! xD

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