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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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It's an idea by BBC. People create a computer character made to destroy things, and control them. For some reason there's an audience despite the fact everything's done on computer so they're watching nothing, really. I've seen ditzy cheerleaders between games and presenters who I can't name. There's a commentator talking over these basic computer games. The animation of the computing stuff is poor and there's no real collision-detection involved.

www.bbc.co.uk/fightbox is the URL to get some extra info on this poorly-devised show.

Quite frankly, I've not seen anything so mediocre this year, I can't believe money was spent on a show like this. It's like... when you watch a film when an adult tries to fit in with kids and just looks completely out of place? This is essentially how this show seems to be like. It's like it's been made so people of our generation will enjoy it - but it's so badly done that anyone who knows anything of computing knows it looks godawful.

Bill's watching this while I type it up. He's 60-ish, confused and feels the show is "amateurish". How right he is.

Now, to get going to Nan's. When I get back I have to talk of the Saatchi Gallery expodition yesterday.

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Meanwhile, BBC two has dropped the third series of 24 from its schedule! joy!... :(

Yes, I caught it on TV a few weeks ago. I have to say, I'd have cried if the neighbours weren't mowing our living room carpet.

For such a modern age you'd think the graphics would look more 2003 than 1996? The audience really bug me, too. Oh and notice that the chair the players sit on rises up when they're playing. Obviously to get a better view of the arena, which doesn't actually exist.

Unadulterated arse. What I don't understand is why the players seem unable to walk in a straight line and jump simple obstacles. Are they just rubbish, or are the controls sub-Tomb Raider? My money's on the latter.

The presenters need to be kicked in, too.

If you watch the "sentinels" (whom must be people who know the game better, or AI) they fall off half the time too. I suggest it's a mixture of a poor game, poor AI and stupid people playing it.

And a kicking in sounds too good for those presenters.

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