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Fridays? Feh!
I started writing about yesterday, then realised I never even explained anything that's happened this week. So, first I'll write about that stuff.

On Sunday I began to feel a little under the weather: this developed on Monday into an unpleasant cold. I didn't feel particularly great but got myself out to send off money for something on ebay. I could have sorted out hours for work, but there are people needing the money more than me short-term, so I've just kept myself away from work for the week. Why rush out feeling sick as a dog for sixteen pounds a night, when someone who's healthier, who needs the money more, could do the job without sniffling over the customers?

Apparently Nan called on Monday and Cliff jovially quipped: "He's alright, he's just got a cold". And sure, it wasn't anything major, Monday was just the worst of the days; the cold really kicked in hard. I still managed to get out with it, but did feel drained afterwards.

Tuesday and Wednesday were also spent recovering (primarily because I didn't have anything better to do than rest) but I did feel a bit better by now, so I was online talking to people, playing a bit more of Fire Emblem and keeping myself well wrapped-up.

Wednesday evening I saw a friend of mine post a lot of things about how she was going to be visiting London galleries with a few other people - this was a college trip-thing - and about how things in her life weren't fantastic. You know, when we all have those moments when we feel useless. So after one failed attempt before, I made sure she knew I demanded to visit her and hug her silly, to stop her worrying. This plan failed because the group ended up going somewhere else entirely and because I could not contact her mobile phone all day. This left me standing around Waterloo, seeing the nice touristy area; the River Thames, the Tate Modern, the London Eye, the nice new bridge, the clock Big Ben's in, but not my friend.

However, I did wear my Sonic jacket - it's my item of choice so people can find me easily - and during my time out in London, I had four people look at the jacket and tell me they really liked it, and one Japanese couple demanded to take pictures of it. (I used to use a neon orange jacket that would be swiftly put away after someone found me, because people would walk up to me as if I were a maintenance worker on the platforms.)

So yesterday evening was spent watching The Big Lebowski again, and organising something to do with presents, with Jess. I also found out Cliff had come under with the same cold I had and was pretty much dying in the bedroom. Nan called the house, he answered and Nan laughed at him quite a bit down the phone.

Friday... I don't like Fridays. The day is too structured. Every Friday I wake up, I doss around because I don't have enough time to do anything of substance, I walk the dog, the Provident Lady (to those not in the know of the Provident - they give you a £500 loan, you pay them £10 a week back FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, apparently) pops around with her scary lazy eye and way-too-cheery demeanour, Bill pops along to take us to Sainsbury's, we grab something to eat, we go to Nan's, Nan makes quips about how everyone and everything is rubbish these days, we leave, I get dropped back, I come online, catch up with LJ and doss around until I feel tired.

And that's exactly what happened again this week. Sole exception was a friend of mine wanted to know if I could convert a few midis easily into mp3s. I managed to, but not easily. Still, after a few hours' work it's all done and everything's been cropped precisely, as was required.

So... now I'm sitting here, babbling on livejournal, after I caught up on things. I do prattle on when I get the chance, don't I?

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Ah, Big Lebowski. I haven't watched it for ages. I think someone still has my copy...


:( I don't know what else to say about that. (about the coach-meeting up thing) Things like this sorta happen I guess.

I know, don't you worry.

Best thing is if you come down somehow by yourself, then we can make sure you arrive exactly where you're meant to :P

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