Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

Deleting things.

A few memories, a few logs AIM automatically kept, a few people from my friends list. It's as close as I get to self-destructive, at least.

After the week of not-working and the week of illness, I feel lazy. I need to remedy this and do other things, because it's causing me to not care about things. Right now I just feel like I have an absence of emotion. I want to sever ties with some people that've been pretty poor for quite a while, we either never talk or conversation seems like it's automatically dying as soon as it begins. LJwise, there are some people who I added and have found what they talk of, to be things I can't relate in. It's not meant to be taken personally when I take them from the friends list, but given those people don't talk to me much anyway, I doubt they'll mind much.

As for my life... when the most exciting thing that happens in the weekend is the pizza company send a pizza with puree on it, and you're allergic to tomatoes so have to make yourself something else to eat, you know it's a quiet weekend. I'm waiting for someone to try to contact me, given I can't contact them. Their lack of contact is annoying the hell out of me. I was pleased that Leicester got a point out of Arsenal. I realised I was beginning to forget who people are on livejournal and AIM these days.

I need to pay more attention to things again.

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