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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Deleting things.
A few memories, a few logs AIM automatically kept, a few people from my friends list. It's as close as I get to self-destructive, at least.

After the week of not-working and the week of illness, I feel lazy. I need to remedy this and do other things, because it's causing me to not care about things. Right now I just feel like I have an absence of emotion. I want to sever ties with some people that've been pretty poor for quite a while, we either never talk or conversation seems like it's automatically dying as soon as it begins. LJwise, there are some people who I added and have found what they talk of, to be things I can't relate in. It's not meant to be taken personally when I take them from the friends list, but given those people don't talk to me much anyway, I doubt they'll mind much.

As for my life... when the most exciting thing that happens in the weekend is the pizza company send a pizza with puree on it, and you're allergic to tomatoes so have to make yourself something else to eat, you know it's a quiet weekend. I'm waiting for someone to try to contact me, given I can't contact them. Their lack of contact is annoying the hell out of me. I was pleased that Leicester got a point out of Arsenal. I realised I was beginning to forget who people are on livejournal and AIM these days.

I need to pay more attention to things again.

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You are a nice person. But I can't remember the last time we said anything towards each other. It's been so long I've forgotten pretty much how things are, and that's true between me and a lot of people I'm taking off my friends list.

Look after yourself, though.

Yeah, we haven't talked in forever...I know what'cha mean. :X Later, dude.

we all forget its one of those things, upheaval in life always changes things. or maybe its just a reflection of self, as i've learned many things often are, like childhood memories always fuzzy and grey around the edges only remembering the few for a while so are relationships whatever form they take. just there to help, to establish reflection of self.

The problem is less when we forget parts of a person, but when we realise we never saw the person correctly in the first place. Which is a bad thing if you think you are a good judge of character.

Not that the upheaval of friends is a reaction to being wrong over who a person is... but it's true that as people grow older, they change. And sometimes these changes can split people apart. Likewise, as people grow older they develop more of a history, and if this history sounds like it could hurt someone, again it can cause splits too easily.

You should have an instant messaging program, if you're up this late and online I guess you'd be talking to people, or at least would like to given the opportunity.

You're one of the people who I've never got to know, but have wondered about.

Take care, and sorry for not being around..

The last time we did talk, you kind of spooked me, as you weren't having a good day or were in a bad mood..

Though please take good care of Jessica, and best of wishes to you both.

~Rudy Startail

You take care too. I can't remember the last time we talked, though.

Also: from how you phrased that, does this mean you believe me and Jessica are still together? We split a while ago. I'm sure Jessica can look after herself well enough, though.

It's been a few months or so, I think. Again, I do apologize about that. With the carpal tunnel, it's been tough..

And I do apologize about that.. I'm far behind the times, by the looks of it.

But anyways, thank you for the reply. Good luck and best wishes to you.

~Rudy Startail

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