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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Glitch city!
I saw my first XP BSOD.

This was followed by ten minutes of being unable to open any programs, after resetting the machine.

Curious little things are happening all over the machine now. Livejournal telling me I'm not logged in when I'm responding to a post that's been set at friends-only. I'm sure more odd things will occur.

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My nan lives in Enfield. I used to live in Edmonton green in the old circus pub, its all run down and poo now, quiet sad really.

Sorry just felt the need to tell you that

Il go now



Aww, Edmonton is now sadly crap and Enfield is going in that avenue. But hey, I have another friend who has family in Enfield - if you ever pop down in this direction, tell me, and I can annoy you.

The absolute worst XP BSOD you can get is the one that won't start Windows because there's an error on your drive. An error that can easily be fixed with Windows' CHKDSK. Except it won't run CHKDSK, because it's to busy telling you it can't start Windows. The sad thing is, CHKDSK runs outside of Windows. Nice work there, MS.

MS in illogical programming shocker!

XP has BSODS!?!?

I haven't had a single one yet; my computer runs like a freakin' dream.

However, I too am getting that exact problem with the LJ - perhaps it's LJ itself, not you.

It has them once in a while, if you leave it on for weeks at a time, I think. But it has been a year or so since I had XP put on here and it's been running fine until recently.

Ah well, I'm getting a nice new processor soon. That'll help lots!

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