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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Thank you for ordering with MVC.co.uk!
Gregory Horror Show: £17. Beyond Good and Evil probably typoed on the site and set at £17 also.

Can't say no to a pair of bargains!

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Gregory Horror Show is £16.99 at Amazon, too. Well worth it, check out THE SPOON'Z REVIEW.

Well, it's easier if I get both games from the same place.

Have you done a Gitaroo Man review? You really should try that game.

I realise I was never desensitised properly. I still fear the giant lizard will inject the plasma out of me. I think I need to see how badly you suffer when they perform a horror show, so I know exactly how much to fear things etc.

I am no good with sneaking games, and worse with survival-horrory things. If I complete this game I will be surprised at myself. But come on, it looks a gorgeous title and it plays wonderfully already and at the very worst it'll become rare in a few years time and treble in value.


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