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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Because I'm cheap...
...I wanted to make an internet Christmas Card, for the people whose addresses I don't have; they could download and print a card if they wanted one from me. I wanted a few pictures of Christian things which I was to make a montage with more modern symbols of Christmas, so I typed "baby Jesus" into Google, then clicked "I'm feeling lucky".

The page I get come up is the "Baby Jesus Buttplug".

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Oh my god! That really IS wrong @_@

*looks at the site*

Mwahahahahaa. That ammuses me hugely. Some people have waaaay to much time on their hands.




That site is absolute quality! What a find!

I know. The things you find when you don't try, eh?

There's only one thing I can say in a situation like this:

Good Glaven!

I do NOT want to see a picture of it.

I thought you wouldn't :O

I think I'm going to try "I'm Feeling Lucky" first whenever I search. XD;

I am so amused. I also feel strangely dirty but still amused nonetheless.

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