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Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Beginning to watch Being John Malkovich at 2:30 AM is the best and worst thing I've ever done.

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I can see how that could be.

I liked the little touch of 7½ ;-)

If you like that, perhaps you might want to check out the new DVD of Spike Jonze's other directorial work.

*Wonders what the 7½ is in referral to*. :?


A great deal of the film takes place in an office block on floor "seven-and-a-half" - the rest you'll have to watch to see. :P

hiya, is that the first time you've seen it? you should check if you've got adaptation in the shopif you haven;t seen that, it's by the same people who made being john malkovich and it's brilliant. i only saw the first half when i rented it a couple of days ago cos we fell asleep. only a partially selfish request then:)

Mr. Plunkett, hello again!

Was about the 4th, 5th time I've seen it. I just thought, at 2 AM, "I don't feel tired, I'll watch a film." I should have gone for something lighter like Monsters Inc, really.

And I've acquired Adaptation already, based off the recommendation of someone else on my friends' list. It is a wonderful film; if you wanted to borrow it off me you're welcome to pop round and snag it.

M-M-MALKOVICH!!! ^^ *lol*


Mmm. Wondrous film.

Tonight I watch Seven, the day after Adaptation.

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