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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Why am I up now?
I had to wake Mum up at 6:30. Twas why I stayed up. She must have set her alarm to wake her up earlier, because she'd been awake before 6:30 too.

I walk into the frontroom (she sleeps on the sofa to raise her still-injured heel) and I see her in bed, snoring, with a cigarette lit and an inch of ash off the cigarette.

I had to try to nudge her gently so she didn't drop the cigarette. She woke and claimed she was just resting her eyes.

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Jeebus! It's a good thing you did too. O.o

This has nothing to do with anything, but anyone who lists Sonic The Comic as an interest- or indeed remembers it at all - gets my vote. Hope you don't mind if I add you, therefore. Ta!

Christ on a bike, you've got Rocket Knight Adventures and Sparkster listed too! I am impressed, which is incredibly sad, but there you go...

Well, for Sonic the Comic... me and a good bunch of friends on AIM all loved that. We had this little community going where we chatted to Nigel Kitching, Richald Elson and I fear I sound like I'm namedropping, so I'll shush.

I'm a geeky person, so I actually have several items of Sonic-stuff. If I ever catch you online you'll see the crazy stuff. I notice you have MSN information set as to ask for contact details. So... yeah.

As for Sparkster, I have a massive love of that - as do a few friends of mine. Hence the Sparkster icon here. So, yeah.

It's a very good icon.

As for messenger, I live at: sakurastargirl at hotmaildotcom


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