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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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I do play music sometimes!
Not now.
To people with any LJ codes left, you can use them to get discounts on buying things. [Source] So that's a memo for you guys. I've already offered random people the amount I earned, who'd wanted paid time as a Christmas present.

I listen to music on headphones post-midnight but yet when I go to play the music in the evening the headphones are out of the speaker I have to plug them into. Now, I'm curious as to why at some point every day the headphones get unplugged from their socket. It's one of those little things in life that doesn't matter at all, but they still perplex.

I've had one of the more kaleidoscopic evenings I've had to encounter. An early evening of pleasantness, an episode of the Simpsons followed by a nice conversation for quite a while with a friend, topics ranging all over the place. There's some chemistry there too, It seems, but it'd still be nice to meet and see how things go. Don't want to rush anything.

Then there was a moment of curiosity, following into shock and confusion. I heard the door ring, Cliff answered. Cliff is not a fan of Christmas. He opened the door to two runty kids badly carol-singing "We Wish You A Merry Chr-" (that's as far as they got) before he said "No, thanks," and shut the door on them. This turned sour when he went to walk the dog later on, and noticed the barbecue that'd been left on the flat balcony had been taken. I guess that's pretty decent payment for seven syllables, though.

The hairdresser is popping round tomorrow for the family - but I want to leave my hair to grow for a bit. I want my scruffier hair back again, and a short haircut coming up to January does equal red ears. Oh! And I have to go for a 4:40 appointment to the doctor's for a check-up. Our doctor is a bit of a nutjob, so chances are my check-up will involve me unicycling over a vat of acid whilst reciting the alphabet backwards.

FINAL AND IMPORTANT NOTE: Amelie is on Channel 4 on Christmas Day, at 9.15 PM. If you really want to watch a wonderful feel-good movie this festive season without Santa getting into it, Channel 4 have it covered. No, really. PLEASE WATCH.

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Amelie made me feel all warm inside.

Seriously, watch it. LOVELIEST. FILM. EVER.

If you happen to live in Ireland, and are extremely impatient, you can watch it on Network 2. It starts 10 minutes earlier! I'm considering setting up 2 TVs, and watching both.

I will try to use the word in my journal at least once a week.

*&^&%&$*& crappy kids.

(hugs you tight)

^^ I'll try and catch you on AOL tonight. Sorry I didn't go on last night. And I'll take Amelie in mind cause thats a film I never had time to see, but will...and should!

I may call you from Nan's, on Fridays I'm always there until about 11. Don't worry about last night, by the way. I expected something must have popped up.

Lucky Brits! Though I own the dvd so I guess if I wanted I could watch 'Amélie' anytime.. heh. But I can't imagine it ever being shown on tv here, unless it was on cable.. I think middle America would never get it. Also, many of them can't read so they'd probably be bored unless they understood French. Which I'm sure very few do...

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