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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Charmy icon!
Le sigh!
Jess found a pretty Charmy picture, and as I like him so, it had to get used as an icon.

The last few days... interesting, certainly. Don't feel the job of trying to lower my stress has worked though.

Mum grumbled at me a bit yesterday, saying I spend too much time online. Probably true, but as I've mentioned in posts before, there's someone whose company I enjoy a great deal and who desires to meet me to see if the same feelings we display online are there in person. So obviously when I see her online I enjoy talking to her, and I guess that's a little selfish of me, being inconsiderate to the family, and I need to stop that.

A few friends aren't exactly having easy times of things... but to some of them, there's no words of advice. They'll get through it. Life does go on, and if things go wrong, but you think you know how to make it right, it's far easier (and better for your morale) to dust yourself off and prepare to try again, than tell the world you're a failure.

What I want to do... is edit my livejournal (and friends page) so I can set it as my homepage, and use the space at the top currently used for blurb, to link to things I use. Google, a few main favourites I use, and so on. Links whose URLs won't change and I go to frequently. I'll have to ask a few people about this.

I feel I've hit a bit of a lazy spell. I actually think... the more the idea of just going to visit my friend (and finding a B&B near to her for a few days) intrigues me. I think my family would feel insulted though. After being told I'm not around them enough, if they find I'm not near them to ring in 2004, they'd be displeased. It seems a family tradition to show a lot of care for this, yet I'm never too bothered with it. I think London's inability to organise a decent celebration to ring in the new year makes it seem less interesting to me.

Now, I shush.

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Whats that from? I didnt know they showed up on any of the cartoons O_o;; I must know which!!!

Jess put it better than I could partway down the comments already.

The icon rules. Fact.

As for that advice in the middle, I should probably take heed of that and get my head off the tapeloop it seems to be stuck on. Hmm.

Is that Charmy Bee from Sonic X? Or possibly Sonic Heroes? o_O

Sonic X + Chaotix = Must see.

Tis from Sonic X, I believe.

I said to a friend "I have a picture of Sonic X Charmy" and they replied "You can't show me, my brother's in the room!"

Dear goodness, etc.

o_O;; I wouldn't have thought that'd even be physically possible.

I wouldn't have either; it took me several seconds to realise why they reacted like they did. Then I told them I was worried about them.

The Chaotix appear in the next episode of Sonic X, that picture is in the preview at the end of the episode. I don't think it's exactly a Sonic Heroes apaptation yet, the episode is called 'Chaotix Detective Agency' or summit.

Some pics!

My god, that rocks. o_O

I guess, after that Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 business, they're doing the apparent Chaotix thing in Sonic Heroes (well, from the looks from FMV of them from Sonic Heroes, it looks a bit similar).


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