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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Change of plan (note: updated)
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Plan for Tuesday, on Monday: be bloody lazy, play games.

How Tuesday went: I was woken up by a phone call asking if I wanted to work for a few hours today, which I did. It was very hectic in the workplace, but an enjoyable time was had - it wasn't as stressful as it could have been. Afterwards, I came home and got myself ready to enjoy Return of the King with friends. I was allowed to open a second early Christmas present: my second umbrella. The first, as you may have read, had a grisly fate.

The film was very enjoyable, the company also. I received and gave presents and cards. And I wandered home and got back for just after midnight. At this present moment I can hear running upstairs: new people have moved in and are charging around - but without carpets down, their footsteps are prominent and annoying Mum, who's trying to sleep, and giving me a headache.

Excellent news: I have quite fixed plans to meet two friends within the next week when they travel into London. One will be met on the 29th, the other the 30th. Ally, a friend from the US, is travelling in to visit relatives for a while, but will visit me on that day instead. The day after Shaz is visiting, travelling in from Salisbury.

Tomorrow it has become apparent I will need to go with Mum to Sainsbury's for the famously hellish Christmas food-shopping. With a slight headache now I certainly don't think staying up for much longer is wise, so I'll take a relatively early night.

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Crap, she chewed through her leash and is getting in other peoples' journals with her insane declarations of Aragorn's attractiveness! RUN!!

I had enough of that at the cinema with my lustful friends!

Who are you calling lustful? >:) But he was BLOODY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! And Faramir!!! And Eomer! And...and....*faints*

Pfft. I know you're a Gollum woman.

No, no - that's David. ;D I'll stick to his Royal Sexiness King Elessar (official title of his, y'know) Hmmm, mind you....some of those cave trolls were lookin' a bit sexy....;D Just go back to admiring Denethor, Dean you old bint. ;)

Oh, I'm afraid I always preferred Grima, m'dearie.

*Laughs* Oh yes, I can see the attraction there. Y'know, Mariane genuinely fancies him! O.o (She wasn't there tonight cos she was dog-sitting)

Did she mean fancying the actor or him in that particular role? I mean, I like the actor, he's usually in some very interesting roles.

Fancying the character! Apparently his lack of eyebrows, horrible teeth and dark hair is a big thumbs up. ;) But I admit he does have cool eyes, the shape of 'em. But *obviously* I would never stray from Aragorn...or Faramir...or Boromir (alive!)

Oooh. So I know what I have to do to get a date with her! Just shave the eyebrows and smash my teeth in with a hammer...

Hm, sounds a bit too painful. And besides, all I have to do is grow the hair a bit longer, become a bit more muscular, and become the king, and I could be a dead ringer for Aragorn instead.

Hah, ya know it might just! It'd be an added bonus if you were left-handed and had a scar too. ;)

That you could, Dean! *laughs* You'd also have to speak in an accent that's constantly changing between English/Irish/American - and get yerself a horse! ;D

I used to be a dab hand at horse-riding when I was young.

Well, I could canter on one without falling off.

Really? *laughs* I can't imagine that! I've only been on a horse once, and also a...er, donkey (it was Blackpool! I was young! It's allowed! ;)

Well, my sister loved horses when she was in her mid-teens and up around the Bullsmoor area there used to be a stables. She used to go up there and practice, and drag me along. She got peeved and stopped going when I was doing better than her on the horses.

hello. holiday food-shopping always tends to get mad. :)

Shopping at half past three on Christmas Eve = two hours of pain.

Huzzah! and god bless us all to hell

hiya, hope all is not too horribly boring on xmas eve, not much to shout about here for sure. I see that you're doing stuff in London between xmas and New Year, any free days in between? Also, realise I borrow one thing per (short) visit but do you still have the digital camera?:) Am working in a shelter wih Liane on boxing day and would be good to have pics. Could maybe meet up before she goes home too?

Enjoy the holy festive tack-pomp if I don't speak to you before:)

Re: Huzzah! and god bless us all to hell

Xmas Eve isn't boring, just bleh.

I have... Xmas Day, nowt. Boxing Day, nowt as far as I know. 27th, work. 28th, work. 29th, visit one friend, 30th, visit the second friend. So if you want to pick it up, you'll have to pop over sometime tomorrow, I guess!

I still have the digital camera indeed but it needs 4 AAA batteries for it, they went in my camera a little while ago.

I can't think of anything intelligent to say right now. My brain is wracked with cold. Other than The Return of the King was I wonderful film. Oh, and 'Into the West' is now one of my top songs. Thank you Annie Lennox and Howard Shore!

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