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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Vibri marches onwards!
Some of you know of this character, Vibri, who comes from the fantastic game Vib-Ribbon, created for the PS1.

A few people were bragging of their geekiness at knowing that. But that's not as geeky as being able to guess the game the style of text comes from... so, anyone want to guess?

Prize will be worked out when I can think of something.

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The crossbar on the "N" strikes me as suspicious and odd, however.

Hmm. I can't place it. I'd say it's easilly 8bit, and unlikely one of the home computers as they generally had fixed fonts. Master System, then. As for the game.. Phantasy Star?

Master System

Go fish.

Oh man. If only I'd played more than a grand total of about 4 Master System games! It's not from the Sonic Conversion, is it?

No, it's from a SNES game.

Wait, that means Master System is wrong, right? I should play more cards.

It's not Jet Set Willy / Manic Miner is it? Been a while since I dabbed around with my Amstrad...

Way past then.

It's actually text in a SNES game, if that helps anyone who cares anymore.

That'd be Zelda: Link To The Past. What's the prize then?

Well, I just sent you your prize.

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