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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Tell it like it is.
Holly Ziviene: hey, could you do me a favor?
Jusquun: No.

- o -

Christmas: it's obligatory to talk about it apparently. The season to be jolly was more jovial than usual at chez Rivers.

Familywise: Nan and Cliff complained as usual, Nan about things in general, Cliff about Nan. I kept out of the way at times that I could, keeping on the computer like usual; it's far easier not to dabble in their dialogues. Mum couldn't really hide away and so had to stomach complaining from two people, but she did lay into Cliff about his moaning this afternoon, apparently.

The food was fantastic this year, Mum did a wonderful job on the cooking. Entertainment-wise, I got several people to watch Amelie and every one of them loved it. The Office Christmas Special was wonderful, also.

Presents? Nothing from the family that was special, just a few little things I asked for - a torch, some jumpers (admittedly, the jumpers are a wee bit bland and not the type of thing I'd wear) and a pair of chunky shoes, and some little things. I also got a bit of money, to put to good use. I did receive a nice book from Asti & Trudi, Maggie has sent me the Amelie soundtrack, though I got that from someone else too, and her CD is in the post. Jess bought me a nice t-shirt displaying Link. I received a nice picture from Holly, and got cards from a fair few friends.

With the money my main desire is a dictaphone. Preferably one I can hook up to a PC and save the files as wavs to listen to whenever. This is one of those flirtatious feelings and I wager I will change my mind and fancy something else, but inevitably just end up saving it up in the bank. Oh, or maybe buying the Strong Bad Sings CD from homestarrunner.com. Just... whatever catches my eye at the right time.

What else is there to say? Erm... I should be asleep but I'm not because I'm a fool? Yeah, that just about sounds right. Oh! I know now. My C drive is displaying I have 9 gigs more on it than it should; by checking the whole C drive it says I have 4 gigs used up on it, the "My Computer" tab suggests I've 13 used.

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(I'm feeling really angry cause my present isn't going to get to you until I can finish it. I keep setting myself back. And there are no gryffindor scarfs to be seen anywhere!!) -_-

Aww, don't you worry, hon. You tried, at least :)

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